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Sora Island Coffee Shop’s Commitment to Coffee


Sora Island Coffee Shop aims for a special cup that makes you want to drink it every day.

Although we are a newly established coffee shop, we are meticulous in selecting our coffee. In addition to obtaining a coffee instructor qualification, we have spoken with numerous roasters and café owners to gain firsthand experience.

The coffee beans handled at Sora Island Coffee Shop range from those we roast ourselves, to those from long-established wholesalers, to beloved local famous roasters. In selecting them, we source a wide variety of coffee beans, including those available from online wholesalers, those with a commitment to personal sales, and directly imported green beans, and choose them while comparing tastes. Before we knew it, the number exceeded several hundred varieties, covering almost all producing countries.

We are particularly selective about the menu we offer.
For example, the Sorashima Premium offered at HISOKA SELECT is a beloved light roast. We start by targeting Ethiopia for light roast and comparing. Even within the famous Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, there are many farms, and there are indeed differences between single origin and straight (limited to a region). Of course, the process also differs between natural and washed.
Surprisingly, each has its own uniqueness. Still, we painstakingly select based on our concept.
While fruity beans processed through the natural process are delicious, what about that special cup you want to drink every day? Ultimately, it’s the world’s oldest orthodox coffee, the aromatic Mocha.
Recently, the coffee industry’s wave has shifted from the third wave to the fourth wave, and the trend of specialty coffee has expanded further, continuing to change people’s taste for deliciousness.
Still, people’s instinctive desire is surely for Mocha.
I like Mocha too, but I’m not a fan of bitterness. That’s why it’s a light roast.
Striving for a cup that maximizes the charm of Mocha while keeping the bitterness minimal with a clear taste.
Attention to roasting is also important. Roasters focus on taste meticulously, roasting with great effort to replicate the same taste even for coffee beans that vary greatly with the harvest season. It’s truly craftsmanship. Also, how the completed coffee beans are brewed and served makes a difference. We want you to taste it this way, so we brew it like this.
That’s the process we aim for in a cup.

The same applies to our other standard, the Sorashima Standard.
The concept is “coffee familiar to many people.” It’s the standard.
When thinking about it, the first thing that came to mind was coffee beans from Brazil, the world’s largest supplier.
Thus, we began searching among Brazilian coffee beans.
Nibra, San Marino, Berry Special, Chocolat N, Santos. A parade of delicious beans. But, something was different from what we were seeking.
Reluctantly expanding our scope to the whole world, we love Colombia, Tanzania (recently trendy Ngorongoro), Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru.
Also comparing Honduras (El Dorado farm), Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba. The journey never ends.
Yemen, Vietnam, India…
Of course, all are delicious, but it’s hard to decide.
Coffee beans, especially those awarded COE, tend to become more expensive as their quality is recognized. With the coffee bean market becoming more active today, this trend is likely to accelerate further.
But too expensive isn’t something you want to drink every day. (You can’t drink it) Delicious, but we want to provide it as affordably as possible, which narrows down the choices.
So, we decided to search beyond just straight coffee. Starting from scratch.
After much trial and error, we decided on the Sorashima Standard.
Delicious and nostalgic. A gentle cup that lets you take a breather.
We would be happy if you could enjoy it in our store.