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We have grown by integrating system design and development with interface design.
This has become an increasingly important element in constantly changing websites and online user communications.


System Development

  • ・System development (core business systems, sales management systems)

  • ・Server & domain acquisition and management

  • ・E-commerce sites & CMS

  • ・Programming & scripting


Web Design & Digital Interface

  • ・Design related to UI/UX

  • ・Content production & coding

  • ・Photography

  • ・Video production & animation creation


System Integration

  • ・System planning and design (equipment purchase proposals & agency)

  • ・Solution partner proposals/introductions


Brand Experience

  • ・Corporate/organization logo creation

  • ・Character & manga creation

  • ・Online advertising including Google ads

  • ・Event support (booth design, etc.)

  • ・Event support (novelties, packaging, etc.)

  • ・Company introductions (business cards, pamphlets, flyers)


Service Promotion

  • ・Google ads and other online advertising

  • ・Operation and management of search consoles, etc.

  • ・Server operation and maintenance management (including SEO services)

  • ・Site analysis & analytics

Work FlowProduction Process


Please Contact Us

We will discuss your requests and budget, what can and cannot be done within your budget, including proposals for consultation.
Please note that our reception hours are weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on weekends and Japanese holidays).
Feel free to contact us by email or phone.

TEL(Direct from Japan +81):070-9099-1186

TEL(From Vietnam +84):076-555-8080

Contact form is here


(Hearing: Consultation)

If you have a specific intention to place an order, we will come to discuss it with you.
Of course, visits to our company are also welcome. We will have a detailed discussion about the purpose of creating something new, current issues, etc.,
and decide the direction of design and production.


Research & Analysis
(Proposal & Estimate: Consultation)

Based on the content of the hearing, we conduct industry research and analysis, competitor research, and various analyses from different perspectives if access to the existing site/system is available. (Necessary information should be prepared in advance by you.) We grasp the issues, verify solutions, collect information necessary for achieving objectives, and submit a proposal and estimate for the specific composition/specification of the production. If you approve the proposal and estimate contents, it will become an official order.
※ For proposals centered on analysis, we may provide an estimate as report costs depending on the content of the analysis.
 (Site investigation initial cost: from 80,000~ Software investigation initial cost: from 100,000~)


Preparation for Production

We will inform you of the items you need to prepare.

● Manuscripts & photos (For system projects, existing documents, etc.)

※ If necessary for photos and manuscripts, we will direct interviews & shooting.

※ If no specific photos are requested, we will use our own materials.

※ If company logos, etc., are needed, we can also create them. Please consult us.

At this point, you will be asked to pay approximately half of the estimate as a production start fee.


Design & System Design

We will hear about the design you imagine at the time of hearing and create the design. For system development, we will submit the design and database design of the specific system to be created.
As it becomes the basis of the whole image, please consider carefully. (Once the content is solidified, we will start producing the sub-pages next.)


Creation of Production Materials

We will start program production and HTML coding, taking into account various user browsing environments, compliant with web standards, etc., using technologies such as PHP and CMS (WORDPRESS) as requested. The progress will be shared with you online as it goes.



Upload to the server and check the deliverables.

  • ・Operation check on multiple OS and browsers

  • ・System test of mail forms, etc.

  • ・Judgment if the deliverables meet your expectations

※ If we manage the server, we will perform mail settings, DNS settings, etc.


Final Check & Delivery

You will make the final check.
Once confirmed to be functioning correctly, we will successfully complete the delivery.
At this point, you will pay the remaining balance.


After-Sales Support &

If any discrepancies occur in the site information (differing from what was agreed upon during discussions), we will correct them free of charge as part of our after-sales support for two weeks. ※For printed materials, a separate re-estimation is usually required.
Additionally, if required, we will adjust based on the verification of results, re-selection of keywords, review of wiring design, etc. After the after-sales support period ends, we also accept requests for site management updates.
The frequency of site updates varies depending on the industry and company, so we will propose a maintenance method and cost that suits you.

※Page-by-page analysis and analytics generally incur separate costs.
As a cost guide, it starts from (first page: 10,000~).